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Bhaskaraacharya's Lilavati

Concepts of arithmetic are portrayed using the verses from Lilavati through the art-form of puppetry.

Acharya Bhaskara was born in 1114 AD in the Vidarbha region. His work Lilavati is a part of the larger work Siddhanta Shiromani. Lilavati is treatise on arithmetic, geometry and the solution of indeterminate equations.
The puppet show uses the medium of puppetry to illustrate some Arithmetic problems of Lilavati and brings in solutions to these problems through the medium of puppetry. The poetry written by Acharya Bhaskara to illustrate these problems, gives the aspects of Rasa needed by any performing art to be upheld. Hence the Arithmetic problems become available to be illustrated on stage. In this show four problems are illustrated and solved.

Lyrics: Acharya Bhaskara
Director: Anupama Hoskere


Sanskrit & Kannada




60 Mins
Sanskrit & Kannada


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