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A puppet & dance musical - a romantic comedy based on Mahakavi Kalidasa's first play Malavikaagnimitram

Mãlavikãgnimitram is a Sanskrit play by Mahakavi Kalidasa. Set in Sunga Period, it tells the story of Agnimitra, the Shunga Emperor of the Vidisha Kingdom, who falls in love with a maiden named Malavika. Malavika is known to be an extraordinary dancer and a sakhi of the chief queen Dhaarini. The plot unfolds when the king witnesses her dance in the court. The sutradhara of the show is Gautama, the Vidushaka and the minister and close friend of king Agnimitra. He hatches out all the plots for King Agnimitra to meet his love Malavika and escape the wrath of queen Iravati and censure of queen Dharini. Poet Kalidasa beautifully portrays the characters and unravels a plot full of fateful incidents with humorous angles.

Direction: Anupama Hoskere
Puppeteers: Anupama Hoskere, Mythili Shikarpur, Chitra
Rao, Divya Hoskere, Vidyashankar Hoskere
Dancer: Divya Hoskere as Malavika
Lighting: Srivatsa Shandilya
Lyrics: Shatavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh
Music Direction: Sri Mahesh Swamy
Dance Choreography: Sri P. Praveen Kumar






80 Mins


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