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Mooshikaa Katha

Story of the mouse-maiden from the Panchatantra.

On the banks of river Ganga, the life-line of India, the spiritual scientists of ancient India, the Rishis are seen performing Yagas along with the Vedic recitations. The Rishis have attained spiritual power by austere penances and Yoga. They are gentle in existence and work for the good of mankind. Yagnavalkya, a Kulapathi, i.e. teacher of ten thousand disciples, finds a mouse which is prey to a hawk. He feels responsible and compassionate towards this female baby mouse and takes charge of the situation. The show also portrays the personified elements of Sun, Wind, Cloud, and Mountains which are revered. There is reference to choosing a groom and the qualities one seeks in a life partner. The relative sense of what is good and respecting each for their own and understanding that a true innate nature of a person cannot be changed is brought forth beautifully in this Story of the Mouse-maiden or Mooshikaa Katha from the Panchatantra.

Direction: Anupama Hoskere
Playwright: Anupama & Vidyashankar Hoskere
Lyrics: Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh
Music Direction: Mahesh Swamy


Kannada and Sanskrit




35 Mins / 50 Mins
Kannada and Sanskrit


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