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    Abhijnaana Shaakuntalam Act 4

    Act 4 of Mahakavi Kalidasa’s Shaakuntalam is presented through the medium of puppetry following the style of Gunadya.

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    Story of a special child with a single parent mother set in the Upanishadic times and recalled in the epic of Mahabharata.

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    Bhakta Prahlada

    Story of a little boy where conflict of ego between father and son within a household is the core of the theme.

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    Bhaskaraacharya's Lilavati

    Concepts of arithmetic are portrayed using the verses from Lilavati through the art-form of puppetry.

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    Story about the pursuit of self realization from the Yogavaasishta.

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    This is a story from the Vana Parva of the Mahabharata.

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    Story of the famous King of the solar dynasty of India and his wife Chandramati.

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    A puppet & dance musical - a romantic comedy based on Mahakavi Kalidasa's first play Malavikaagnimitram

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    Mooshikaa Katha

    Story of the mouse-maiden from the Panchatantra.

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    Rajasuya Yaga

    Story in three parts - Rukmini Kalyana, Jarasandha Vadha and Shishupala vadha. This is a revival of the Bhagavata style of puppets of Eachanoor, Karnataka.

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    Tamil literature from the 2nd century portraying the social, artistic and economic conditions of southern India with a focus on the position of the woman.

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    Sri Krishna Paarijaata

    Revisiting Karnataka’s favorite repertoire in puppetry.

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    Vijayanagara Vaibhava

    The art, glorious history and heritage of the literature, art-forms and kings of Karnataka with emphasis of the tradition of Dasara.

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